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Pyrite Cluster Peru Elite Quality (Wealth, Fame)

Pyrite Cluster Peru Elite Quality (Wealth, Fame)

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What Is Pyrite?

Pyrite is known as fool's gold due to its sparkly gold & silver color. It resonates with both earth and fire energies and enhances the masculine. A stone of action, it brings confidence and will to bring things to completion. If overworked and tired mentally, having pyrite around will help overcome this. It is also known to bring money and material benefits. Pyrite is also used as a protective shield and is good for grounding. In its natural state, pyrite is found in clusters and cubes. Even the clusters have tiny cubic formations that sparkle like stars. Place it in the southeast of your workplace/ office or even the southeast corner of your work table to enhance your earnings and recover any pending money due to you.

What is a cluster?

A cluster is a group of crystals that grow together naturally on the same base or matrix. Since there are many points growing close to each other the energy is multiplied and amplified. The qualities of the stone are much more than a single point or stone. Clusters can be of many sizes. The points in the cluster can also be of different sizes, depending on the stone or the place of origin.

Where can we use a cluster?

A cluster can be used in any space to raise the vibration and remove any negative energy in that space.

How to use this crystal?

  • Hold the crystals in your palm after cleansing and charging them.
  • Intend that they work for you in whatever area you wish to take their help in.
  • Hold them in your hands during meditation, or keep them close to you at your bedside or work table.

How to cleanse this crystal ?

Even though all our crystals are washed and cleansed before we ship them out to you, it would be best if you wash them in cold running water when you receive them. Holding them under a tap is good.

  • Pyrite is one of the crystals that must not be soaked in water. Best to use other cleansing methods.
  • It is important to do a cleansing and activating ritual to make this crystal YOURS! We recommend either keeping it immersed in salt for 5-10 minutes or smudging it with camphor & clove or sage.

How to recharge this crystal ?

  • The best way to do that is to keep them in a place that gets moonlight overnight.
  • You can also put the crystal in salt for at least 15-20 minutes on normal nights.
  • On Full Moon Nights (Purnima) let it sit in salt for overnight.

How long does it take for the crystals to show their effect?

The time frame depends on person to person and situation to situation. Based on our experience we have seen it generally takes 21 to 48 days for changes to settle in.

Crystal Care Tips:

Remember to keep cleansing and charging your crystals every two to four weeks.
If your crystals get damaged/broken, it is recommended to bury it in the earth or immerse it in a river or lake.

NOTE: The pyrite jewels on our website are completely natural and raw because we don't polish the crystals so that they can create a barrier against negative energies and promote pure physical and spiritual healing.

Kindly note that images are just a graphical representation of crystals. Size, Shape, Weight and Colour may vary at the time of delivery.


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